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Hello and Welcome to Matrix Network

Hello and welcome to the relaunch of Matrix Network

Hello and welcome to Matrix Network. My name is TicTac and I am the community owner of matrix network. 
I originally managed the community until I stopped a few months ago, now I am back again to try and revive 
this community. I am not the original founder of this community, Poxonjr is the original founder who created 
Matrix Network. He no longer wanted to own the server so I was going to replace him. Currently, we have 1 
server that is Trouble in Terrortown. Some players that are joining this community could be original players 
from the first launch of Matrix if you are welcome back. There is going to be new players as well and I would 
like to welcome any new players that join matrix at this time. I hope every one enjoys their stay don't forget to tell 
your friends about this community and I really appreciate everything.

Thank you,


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